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The Book of Paper

From milk cartons to tissues and take away coffee cups, paper plays
an integral role in our day to day lives and yet we often take it for granted.
Through a series of sculptures The Book of Paper elevates the aesthetic
value of this most ubiquitous of materials. The Book of Paper features
essays written by artists, architects and scientists, all of whom have unique
approaches to paper – from adopting origami to fold NASA telescopes,
to creating earthquake-resistant cardboard architecture or using paper
as a therapeutic tool. 



Robert J. Lang (USA): Origami, Math, Technology and Art
Paul Jackson (UK): Paper Music
Chiaki Morita (Japan): The Art of Washi Papermaking
Sergey Korsakov (Russia): Cardboardia
Miri Golan
(Israel): Origametria
Henk Porck
(The Netherlands): History and Conservation of Paper

The Book of Paper is available here.